Elevator Counter Weight

  • Pioneers in manufacturing M.S. Sheet Elevator Counter Weights.
  • Production Process is continuous on die and hence the weights manufactured are without gauge.  size and weight variation.
  • Weights manufactured from M.S.  Sheets are welded only on one side making it leak proof.
  • We have the benefit of large production capacity at our factory.
  • Most of the Elevator Weight Manufacturers use Cast iron which is much costly as compared to the M.S.  Sheets counter weights manufactured by us.
  • Minimum order for M.S.  Sheet Elevator Counter Weights can be placed for 500 kgs and maximum is no limit.
Sr.no Length Width Height Channel Size Weight K.G
1 760mm 128mm 110mm 100mm 40kg
2 710mm 128mm 110mm 100mm 35kg
3 610mm 128mm 110mm 78mm 29kg
4 1200mm 250mm 110mm 100mm 120kg
5 750mm 128mm 110mm 100mm 39kg
6 750mm 150mm 110mm 100mm 45kg
7 1200mm 200mm 110mm 100mm 85kg
8 760mm 128mm 110mm 100mm 40kg
9 910mm 200mm 110mm 100mm 77kg
10 750mm 175mm 110mm 100mm 67kg